Investing Systems Trading Service

Tap into the power of our state-of-the-art, institutional-grade, fully automated swing trading system for stocks

Our system’s High-Probability Swing Trading algo offers fully laid-out Swing Trade Plans with a Trigger Price, Trailing Stop, and Target Price. Everything is planned out in advance using a purely mechanical strategy.

(Trades are generated by our fully-automated algorithmic back-end system – presented in an easy-to-follow format – so you can trade along with the system at your existing broker)

Trade on Sim for a month and track your results. Convince yourself that trading our setups is working for you.

All the data is included and updated every trading day within 2-hours of market close.

Here’s how the Trade Setups work:

Our system maintains a database of stocks with constructive charts that meet specific criteria we’ve programed. The system identifies which stocks are set-up for the near-term and posts the list in the Pending Trades Table. A buy signal is generated when a closing day price is ABOVE the posted trigger price.

Trades are displayed in the Pending Trades table until the stock closes above the Trigger Price

Pending Trades example
Pending Trades example

Once the stock hits the Entry price it gets moved to the Open Trades section and the trade stays open until it hits the Trailing Stop. Here’s what the Open Trades page looks like.

As the trade plays out, detailed updates are posted in the Open Trades table each evening after the market close. The tstop column is our highly adaptive Trailing Stop, which incrementally ratchets up as price moves higher. A trade gets Closed when the price hits the Trailing stop.

The system is designed so you don’t need to micro-manage each trade. Just check the Open Trades each evening to see the current details of each open position and the current Trailing Stop level.

Once the stock hits the Trailing Stop it gets moved to the Closed Trades page.

Closed Trades example

You can see how well organized and easy to follow the Swing Trades are. There’s literally no learning curve to following our profitable swing trades.

What makes it even better is that it’s a purely mechanical strategy – easy to follow – and with low-risk.

There is no learning curve to following along with the swing trades – it’s this simple.

Profitable Swing Trades Served Up On A Silver Platter

This is what the Swing Trades section of the service looks like.

Swing Trades section example

Organized perfectly and easy to follow – It’s basically self-explanatory.

The entire life-cycle of the trade, from knowing the Trigger Price to trailing the stop – and analyzing past trades is organized in a set of Data Tables, automatically generated by our back-end system. High-probability short-term trades are our specialty.

Take the service for a test-drive and see what stocks are triggering right now.

A couple good trades can pay for the year!

Take Your Trading to the Next Level Using A Systematic, Mechanical Approach.