Investing Systems Trading Service

You Get Actionable High-Probability Swing Trades

Our Trade Setups are fully laid-out Swing Trade Plans with an EXACT Entry, Stop, and Target price. Everything is planned out in advance and marked up on the chart.

(You’ve seen how most other services provide ambiguous trade calls)

Here’s how the Trade Setups work:

A Trade Plan is marked-up on a chart and posted at the top of the Chart Feed section. You get an email alert that gives you plenty of advance notice and contains all the details of the trade.

Trades are displayed in the Pending Trades table until the stock trades at the exact entry price

pending swing trade example

Once the stock hits the Entry price it gets moved to the Open Trades section and the trade stays open until it hits the Target or Stop. Here’s what the Open Trades page looks like.

open swing trades example

As the trade plays out we post detailed updates and revised charts with notes.

Updates are usually posted in the evenings so you don’t need to micro-manage each trade. When the stop-loss is moved up you will get an update by email.

Once the stock hits the Target or Stop it gets moved to the Closed Trades page.

closed swing trades example

A seperate Track Record page provides a detailed analysis and running profit/loss of all the closed trades for the year.

We generally average 5-9 swing trades per month and focus on quality over quantity.

You can see how well organized and easy to follow the Swing Trades are. There’s literally no learning curve to following our profitable swing trades.

And you get an Email Alert on every new trade – with plenty of time to get in.

There is no learning curve to following along with the swing trades – it’s this simple.

Profitable Swing Trades Served Up On A Silver Platter – With Email Alerts

This is what the Swing Trades section of the service looks like.


Organized perfectly and easy to follow – It’s basically self-explanatory.

Each “official” Swing Trade includes a marked-up chart with details – so you can see exactly why we are taking the trade. Every trade is based on the chart setup and technical analysis. High-probability chart patterns are our specialty.

Take the service for a test-drive and get the next trade.

A couple good trades can pay for the year!

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