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Our Strategy

The basic concept of swing trading is to buy low and sell high – within the context of the short term price cycle which is typically 2-3 weeks in duration.

Only the strongest and smoothest stocks within a confirmed uptrend are chosen to trade so that the price continuation and upside potential is maximized in your favor. The system locates these just as the stock is nearing a potential “buy low” zone in the current swing cycle. At this point a trigger price for trade entry is computed.

We only trade stocks over $10 per share with an average daily volume greater than 300k shares.

The 6 Key Components Of A Winning Swing Trade

Stock Selection
Choosing the best stocks to trade plays a key role in trading success. Our system starts with high-octane stocks in primary uptrends – nearing the final stages of a pullback – then we jump on board as the main trend resumes. We use a monthly ATR to filter out stocks that aren’t conducive to swing trading.
Position Sizing
Position Sizing is one of the most important aspects of managing an active portfolio. Our specialized Trading Calculators make it easy to determine your position size for every trade. First you calculate a fixed percentage of your total portfolio that you are willing to put at risk in any one trade. Then use the Fixed Risk calculator to determine how many shares to buy.
The Trade Setup
The goal of our system is to position us in a stock at just the right time so that the trade moves as quickly as possible in our favor. We buy the day following a close above the system computed “Trigger” price. Some stocks don’t trigger and get dropped from the list as others get added on a daily basis.
Initial Stop-Loss
The initial stop-loss is also one of the key elements of a successful trade. The initial stop should be based on the specific behavior of the individual stock you are trading and the chart. It should be set at a level that won’t knock you out on normal price fluctuation, but minimize the loss on a trade that doesn’t follow-through.
Dynamic Trailing Stops
As a stock moves in your favor it’s imperative that you trail the initial stop up. The first goal is to be able to raise the stop to breakeven. As the stock continues to climb higher, our system calculates a Dynamic Stop that ratchets-up along with price to protect profits and lock-in gains.
Targets and Exits
One of the toughest aspects of trading is the exit strategy. Our system generates a high-probability target for each trade based on the ATR of the stock. We recommend selling half the position at the Target and letting the trailing stop take you out of the remainder of the position.

Simplify Your Approach and Increase Your Odds

Our service is an end-to-end swing trading system – that puts the odds in your favor.

Trading is a game of odds based on timing and tolerances and repetition. A crucial concept to keep in mind regardless of the exact approach you take in swing trading is that the statistical edge is attained by taking many trades over time, i.e. we win over the series.

Using our swing trade entries you will be planting positions in the market in an attempt to catch extended runs using the system computed trailing stop for all exit decisions. This can keep you in high momentum price runs which can go a substantial distance past the system Delta Target. These position style trades can last any where from 10 days to several weeks or greater.

“Cut your losers quickly and let your winners run”

The very nature of our Dynamic Trailing Stops means that stocks that don’t follow-through are cut quickly – while the Winners remain as Open Positions as long as momentum persists. It’s built-into our system.

A Systematic Mechanical Trading Strategy

Swing Trade Setups

High-probability Swing Trading Plans with Entries, Stops and Targets

Position Sizing

Specialized Trading Calculators take risk-management to the next level

Trade Management

Dynamic Trailing Stops help protect your profits and lock-in gains

Take Our Trading Service for a Test-Drive

Take a minute right now and sign-up for a low-cost, no obligation trial. Go through our documentation and look at the stocks we’re stalking right now and the ones that are triggering today. Check out how the Open Positions are doing and how the Closed Trades performed. I think you will like what you see. Use the power of our winning swing trading system to your advantage.

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