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Investing Systems Inc. was founded in 1998 to develop cutting-edge software tools for stock investors and short-term traders.

Investing Systems Inc. has been developing  stock market software and tools for over 15 years. Our focus has always been on technical analysis, tape reading and unconventional ways of analyzing at the market.

The Investing Systems Trading Service

This website is all about our newest product and if you are an active stock trader you’ll want to give it a try right now. It’s our “state-of-the-art” stock idea generation platform where we share our best stock ideas and chart setups with a small group of active swing traders.

In 2008 we launched a service called the Research Lab. 8-years later in 2016 we took that concept to the next level with all-new technology. We dropped the “research lab” name (it sounded too complicated) and re-branded it as the Investing Systems Trading Service because we  streamlined and simplified everything (and rebuilt the platform from the ground up to work on any computer or device).


One of the best features is the Live Trading Room show – three days a week at the market open. We mark up charts, discuss the market, evaluate the macro environment and talk about all sorts of interesting topics. Best of all you can participate with comments, questions and observations.

If you aren’t available to watch the shows – don’t worry. You can log in the service at any time from any device and see plenty of great trade setups and ideas. Plus we’ll email you with trade alerts on swing trades that have all the details spelled out. Symbol, Entry, Stop and Target and a link to the chart with all the details.

Our main goal is to put you on the right stocks at the right time.

 Every Trading Day… From Pre-Market to the Closing Bell

We are active traders who live, eat and breathe the stock market everyday. From the opening bell to the close of trading, we have our finger on the pulse of the market. We created this service to share our best charts and trading ideas with you. We identify the best stocks to trade every day…

  • We specialize in swing trading and technical chart setups…If you are looking for actionable trades with exact entry, stop and target you want to join right now and get our next email alert.
  • We will show you a market timing strategy that will keep you out of the next Bear Market. Our Members were alerted on the Blog to get out of buy and hold positions in mid-2008, right before the market meltdown. Check out the Monthly chart we posted for our members – SPY sell alert July 2008
  • We are anti-mainstream Wall Street – we beat them at their own game. Oh, and we don’t trust Washington either…
  • We constantly measure the market in terms of sentiment, technicals and fundamentals
  • We trade strictly on technicals – chart patterns and technical setups are our specialty
  • We are experienced and have been “investing” since 1990, when stocks traded in fractions – watching the tape ever since…
  • This is not your Grandfather’s market and it’s not even your Father’s market – times have changed. With algos and HFT’s and central banks in the mix it takes a lot of knowledge and experience to deal with this new environment. In this business you have to adapt and we are on the cutting-edge of all these changes.

Investing Systems offers indispensable intelligence for everyone with money in the stock market. Every day we’ll show you a handful of constructive chart setups to watch going forward. We do the work behind the scenes to identify and bring you high-probability stock patterns.

Here’s an important thing to consider…

Look we know there are a ton of these type of “trading services” out there, but you never really know who you are dealing with. When we started this business in 1998, in order to have a website and sell software on the Internet you had to have some real skills and credibility.

Nowadays, any kid in his parents basement can start a service and pretend they know what they are doing, but you can rest assured that we are the real-deal here. Just pick up the phone and give us a call. And unlike a lot of those other guys, we aren’t arrogant know-it-alls either. We are genuinely dedicated to helping you find good stocks and good trade setups across multiple timeframes. When you join our small trading community you will quickly appreciate what I mean by all this.

My name is William McKinley and I personally guarantee you will find the Investing Systems Trading Service to be an extraordinary value. It is my number one goal to bring you a few select swing trades in your first month that will pay for an entire year of my service.

Take a minute right now and read this page which details all the features and why you need to try it out. Quick Summary of all the Trading Service Features

Take the Investing Systems Trading Service for a Test-Drive for a month.

Try it now and let us prove our service will make you money…

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