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Dear Stock Traders & Investors,

I hate to be the one to tell you this, but I am pretty sure you've already figured this out. Main stream Wall Street is NOT looking out for you.

I know how you feel. The bankers are "too big to fail" but nobody cares about what happens to you and to make matters worse... Washington is in on the game and continues to stack the deck against you.

There is good news though...

I want to tell you about how we can help you by not only calling out the BS when we see it... But you will know exactly how to react to any market condition... In advance!

My name is Douglas Newberry and many years ago my friend Bill McKinley and I built a highly technical spreadsheet to help long-term investors manage their investments based on formula that actually FORCED investors to buy low and sell high.

Then we set out to design software to find "breakout stocks for short-term traders". Once again... a big hit and definitely the best-selling software yet.

People now use our software in all fifty states and more than 70 countries world-wide.

Over the last ten years we have developed several very successful products for investors, swing traders, day traders and our newsletters, blogs and weekly online show keep all kinds of investors tuned into what is really going on in the market and what they should do to stay on top.

Really... We have only one job.

Our job is looking out for you and we want you to be as prepared as possible for any and all market conditions.

Whatever it takes... we do this by providing tools and resources, stock picks, trade plans, market timing and LIVE sessions 7 days a week for you.

Sunday night we produce a show called "The Week Ahead", where we cover everything from overall market conditions to what we expect from a technical perspective...oh and we take your questions LIVE!!

On Monday, Wednesday & Friday mornings Bill and I are LIVE in the Research Lab showing you how to trade the trade plans and stock picks and answering your questions LIVE right on the air.

Wednesday Night we do a show for long-term investors and end-of-day traders called "The Mid Week Market Watch". This show will keep you IN every bull market and OUT of every bear market using our very simple market timing strategy.

(TM+1=I) or (TM-1=O)

When I teach you the simple formula above you will never watch your portfolio evaporate again and it's so easy you can never forget it. Seriously... a ten year old can do it.

The best part is you can successfully time the market in about 20 minutes a month.

Every other Saturday morning our Chief Market Technician has a training class covering some of the finer points of trading and investing.

Jeffrey is the BEST at making clear the simple strategies that can help you trade smarter than ever before.

That is a total of 5 LIVE shows a week and you can send your questions in right on the spot.

Being accessible in this way to our members is the perfect compliment to the tools we provide.

The Research Lab Story

Several years ago we designed and built an online platform for our own in-house use to create more tools for traders.

We called it The Research Lab and it has a Real-Time ETF Dashboard that tracks the entire market by using the ETFs that you can actually trade.

Indices, sectors, countries and even currencies. We cover commodities and even the leveraged and super leveraged ETFs.

It is all done in real-time... from the open and that right there is one of our best tricks yet.

You see... we discovered long ago that when looking for today's best stocks and trades... yesterday's close is of little to no importance.

Even more interesting is that virtually every financial media outlet, web site, quote service and broadcast uses yesterday's close to let you know what is going on today. Why is that?

Anyway... trading from the open is a powerful concept and led to successfully generating not 1... but 5 lists of hot "stocks to watch" each day with our real-time, "from the open scans".

Each Day we have a list of Momentum stocks, Alpha stocks, Earnings Winners, Breakout Picks and my personal favorite, The Low Priced Picks presented on one screen called the Live Grid.

Click Here to See A Screenshot of the Live Grid

All are based on our real-time scan using a variety of criteria and we see some spectacular winners on a pretty regular basis... Just check these out...


A Vote of Confidence


I am so confident that the software will pick great stocks everyday... We actually automate the above table in this web page so that it updates everyday automatically.

Why would we do something like that unless we are POSITIVE our scans will find some big winners everyday? We wouldn't and I don't know any other service provider that does.

Let's face it... Short-term trading is not for everyone and we offer a variety of strategies for investors as well. But I do know this...

Short-term trading can be done in any market environment and you can compound your portfolio value pretty quickly if you have the right tools and right attitude to take advantage of the street.

You do NOT have to pick the exact "tops and bottoms" but getting a couple percent per day can add up very quickly... and make you quite wealthy.

Check out this calculator:

As you can see... small percentage gains can compound pretty well and you will get lots of opportunity to get trades like that from our Stock Picks.

Part of the Research Lab is built specifically for Swing Traders and we provide trade set-ups for those of you not able to sit in front of your computers all day.

Typically we average about 10 trades a month and each trade shows you the entry price, stop loss point and three price targets. We also provide commentary about each trade during the live shows as well as on the Research Lab blog.

Swing traders also get our scans for pivot highs, pivot lows, stocks to watch and our famous 90-90 list.


This is How Easy it CAN Be!


Now I want to tell you how easy it is to become a member and let us show you how good the markets can be... if you are using the right tools.

To start with we do not ask anyone for a large financial commitment to try our products. In the case of the Research Lab we offer a two week trial for just $49.75.

During your first two weeks you'll get the stock picks, the trade plans, the real-time ETF dashboard. You will get to watch us trade the picks LIVE 6 times.

I am pretty sure you would have ample opportunity to check us out and ask any questions that you may have. In fact...

The Research Lab also includes a Members Blog, updated each weekend with detailed market analysis and what to expect the following week. It also provides stock charts marked up for Swing Trades. The Blog will give you some excellent trade setups to follow and trades based strictly on technical analysis.

The Research Lab Members Blog is worth the price of admission alone...the swing trade setups on the blog are some of the best ideas you will see anywhere.

Here is our promise to you...

We want you to be confident in our software and services and in your ability to use them.

Our services do not COST money... they MAKE money and you should be able to get enough benefit from our software that it pays for itself many, many times over each year.

When you sign up for the trial version... take a few days to feel your way around. Watch the "Strategy Room" videos, and join us in the LIVE shows to be sure and get your questions answered.

The regular monthly billing is just $199 a month and we expect that you will consider that small when you see the gains we can put into your portfolio.

Yes... we offer an annual discount if you want to buy the whole year up front and many members do because they want to be sure and get the trade plans, stock picks and market intelligence reports that come with our membership all year long without the monthly billing.

Finally I want to make this point clear... we know that not every service is for everybody... and we do not want you as a member unless you can and do profit from this membership.

We will do everything we can to help and if what you are looking for is not included... we'll either get it... or tell you where to get it.

To us... Your success IS our success, and we take that responsibility very seriously.

In the event that you need a little extra help... we will get you on the phone and walk you through the tools step by step. we'll show you which tools are best for you and the best strategies we can find for you.

As always... we have a "cancel anytime" no questions asked policy but I am pretty sure that once you get inside and see the stock picks, trade plans and market strategies... you too will think it is a bargain at twice the price and you'll want to upgrade to the annual license discount like so many others.

Start your trial today, download the members area software and log in to see all the great tools and access all the resources we have put together for you.

Keep an eye on your inbox for the "Strategy Room" videos and I promise... You will learn more about making money in the markets in your first few months, than a lifetime watching CNBC.

The trial version is just $49.75 and you can cancel the monthly billing at anytime with no questions asked.

These are uncertain times for sure and we know that you are concerned about what the future holds. So are we! That is reason number one why you need to take action today and become a premium member of the Research Lab.

Our tools, strategies, stock picks and trade plans can give you the confidence you need to tackle what comes your way.

Join the Research Lab Today!
You'll be very glad you did!

The Research Lab is for Day Traders, Swing Traders, Position Traders and Long-Term Investors

Here is what you get...

  • 100% Exclusive Access to our Tools
  • The LIVE GRID of Real-Time Stock Picks Each Day
  • The Real-Time ETF Dashboard
  • The Pivot High Scan
  • The Pivot Low Scan
  • Our Swing Traders Stocks to Watch List
  • Our Strategy Room Videos
  • LIVE Broadcasts M-W-F at the open
  • The Mid Week Market Watch Show
  • Saturday Technical Trading Lessons
  • "The Week Ahead" Every Sunday Night
  • The Research Lab "Members Blog"
  • Our Exclusive Market Timing Model and MORE!

Please accept this invitation to take these tools for a spin and I'll bet you never want to trade the old way ever again.

We welcome any questions that you may have and we make ourselves available 7 days a week for our members.

We welcome and appreciate new members... LIKE YOU!

Best wishes and good investing,

Doug Newberry & Bill McKinley
Investing Systems Inc.

PS. Support is easy to get and we never raise the prices on existing members. When you join us... you get a team of experts working directly for you.

We are here to help you trade better and smarter than ever before. Getting started today will be one of the best investments you ever made.


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