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Are you an active trader in the stock market looking for a constant flow of good stock ideas and Trade Setups?

Have you tried chatrooms or trading services that make big promises but then under-deliver?

You’ve probably seen all those guys selling expensive training courses or “secret indicators” but there’s so much junk out there you don’t really know if it will actually help you make money trading.

Take a few minutes to look over this site because I guarantee this is the trading service that you’ve been looking for all this time.

Specializing in Swing Trade Setups

A Fully-Automated State-Of-The-Art Stock Trading System

My name is William Mckinley and I founded Investing Systems back in 1998. We’ve been in business developing software and strategies for trading the markets since then.

We have created what I believe to be one of the best trading systems available on the market today. It’s a systematic mechanical approach to trading and investing in the markets that’s easy to follow and saves time. You simply maintain an actively-managed portfolio of properly-sized positions, and follow the system alerts and trailing stops to rotate in and out of positions over the swing cycles. Think of it as “low-frequency trading” .

A constant flow of Trade Ideas…

First and foremost you will get actionable, high-probability trading setups based on technical analysis and a proven strategy. You’ll have an ongoing list of stocks that are setting up for a potential Entry – once they hit the computed “Trigger Price”. All data is included and everything is updated 2-hours after the market close each night.

Whether you’re a swing trader or short-term investor you can take advantage of this system, by utilizing one of the three strategies outlined step-by-step in our User Documentation. Our service will save you time and make you money and provide a systematic mechanical framework to navigate and capitalize on cycles in the market.

Our system adapts to all market conditions and it finds you the stocks that are setting up just right for a trade. We’ve been actively trading stocks for over a decade and this new fully-automated system, combined with our mechanical trading approach – is the culmination of everything we’ve learned over the years.

I invite you to Try our High-End Trading Service right now.

You won’t find a better flow of trade setups anywhere. In no time at all, you’ll be managing your portfolio like a seasoned professional on Wall Street – except you are in control of everything. Try it for a month and I guarantee you will love the service.

If you are looking for actionable, high-probability swing trades based on technical analysis, you’ve come to the right place. Take control of your own investments with our simple approach.

A systematic approach to the markets is a winning strategy in the current environment. If you’ve been “winging it” or buying and selling stocks because of news or something you saw on CNBC – you’re doing it wrong. These days you need a consistent strategy – with a specific set of rules to navigate the markets effectively

That is EXACTLY what you will get when you join our service

We will provide you with actionable, high-probability Trades that will make you money. And you’ll feel completely confident in your strategy, knowing exactly where you stand at all times.

Everything is Included in the Price – No Upsells

The Members section of our service is simple yet elegant – perfectly organized and easy to follow. Give it a try for a month and prove to yourself that our stock trading service is perfect for you and profitable. This is the best product we’ve ever created and we stand behind it 100%.


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