The past week and a half was a wild ride for the market, to say the least.

It all kicked-off with Fed Day on July 31st where the Fed lowered interest rates for the first time since 2008. It turned out to be a “sell the news” event. The following day, August 1st, President Trump announced additional tariffs on Chinese imports would go into effect on September 1st.

Take a look at the sell-off that ensued.

From the all-time high just a few days before the Fed announcement – to the intra-day low on August 5th – the S&P 500 was down -6.8%.

That’s a pretty typical correction but a ton of stocks got hammered and the sense of Fear in the market really ratcheted up big time. It seemed like drama level was much greater than one would imagine based on such a minor pullback.

But the news cycle was in full effect – market moving news items were hitting the tape fast and furious.

So everyone’s been asking how our system performed during all this “turmoil”.

Our automated swing trading system basically managed to avoid most of the carnage and by the end of the sell-off all Open Positions had been closed.

Take a look at the Closed Trades table below – and notice the dates as they correspond with the chart of the S&P above.

Amazingly enough during all that carnage we only took 1 full stop-out on PAYC and you can see the damage was minimal compared to a couple of the big gainers like RGEN and MRVL.

Between the steep market sell-off and trades getting closed ahead of earnings, the system pared back all the trades – and by the close on August 5th there were no Open Positions at all.

As the market stabilized and began to rebound from oversold conditions a handfull of stocks on the Pending Trades finally Triggered this past Friday.

Here’s a look at the Open Positions and I blurred all of them out except one – out of respect for our paying members.

You can see that most of these new positions are still hanging right around the Trigger price and here’s how that works to your benefit.

In this type of environment with all the recent volatility it makes sense to set a “limit order to buy” right at the Trigger price instead of just buying right after one closes over the trigger. That way you will get filled at the exact Trigger price, or just take a pass on that trade.

In other words there’s still time to get in.

It might take a few days, and you might not get a fill – but that’s fine. If the market rallies from here there will more stocks triggering this week.

You’re probably thinking there are quite a few stocks on the list and how do you choose which ones to trade?

That’s easy. You simply choose 1-3 of the stocks and start off with small positions. Perhaps you like lower-priced stocks and there are several of those. Maybe you like big brand-name stocks and you see that I left MSFT visible to give you an idea of what to expect.

One other good way to narrow it down is based on ATR, which we display on the Triggered Today list of stocks that are set up for a buy right now. If you set a “limit order” at the exact Trigger then you might not get filled and can hold off for a bit and see what stocks trigger next.

If you go back to the top chart of the S&P you see I drew a couple arrows to signify that we don’t know what direction the market will take from here – so the idea is to dip your toe in the water. Even if the market sells off a bit more – or drops hard and retests the lows – if you’re using the methodology outlined in our System Documentation, you won’t have any stress at all. Stop-outs are nothing more than minor nuisances in the big scheme of things when trading our system.

Our strategy takes advantage of the market cycles and as you see above – even when there’s an unexpected correction – it manages to adapt itself and adjust to current market conditions for both up and down cycles.

At this point in time we are advising our members to “Sell All at the System Target”.

This is a good example of how adaptable our strategy is. With all this the range expansion and recent volatility it makes sense to take quick profits at the Target until things settle down a bit. Then we can get back to the standard strategy of selling 1/2 at the target and letting the other 1/2 ride with the trailing stop.

Even if the market starts tanking again from here, the “initial stops” will prevent any large losses. The stops ratchet-up quickly so the Trailing Stops (tstop) you see on the Open Positions above can change on a daily basis.

The back-end system that drives everything uses technical analysis, multiple indicators, computations and programmed logic – however “trading along with our system” is very flexible. That’s what makes it so great. You have a “trade plan” and all the details are “quanted out”, but you have flexibility when it comes to taking the trades and deciding how to take profits in real-life.

You can choose your own level of “aggressiveness” depending on your personal situation and how much time you have to manage your trades and how closely you want to monitor them. And of course it also makes sense to adjust your aggressiveness based on market conditions.

We offer several easy-to-follow strategies you can use to trade along with the system in the Documentation in the Members Section.

I believe we have one of the best swing trading systems available anywhere and it’s designed to be “institutional quality”. But the best feature is that we made it easy to use and it doesn’t take much time to follow along with the trades. It’s easy to understand once you read the full documentation and we are always available to answer any questions you have.

Give it a try today while the Special Price is still available. Soon, when we double the price, it will still be a bargain to any serious swing trader.

You could read stacks of technical analysis books, attend dozens of seminars, or spend thousands of dollars on other expensive systems searching for the holy grail of short term swing trading strategies and probably NEVER attain the level of accuracy you will get right off the bat with our service.
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