Live Swing Trading Show Replay 10/21/2020


Check out the replay of the Live Show from 10/21/2020 – (skip ahead about 5-minutes to see the trades)

As I mentioned during the show, we had a LOT of recent open trades due to the nature of the recent up-cycle in the market. But most of the trades got closed in the past few days as the volatility has been picking up ahead of the election. Check out the Closed Trades from the past couple days in the images below.

So you can see that the majority of the trades have just been closed and we are left with just 6 Open Trades right now.

Also as I mentioned in the video we close open positions ahead of earnings, so most of those remaining open trades will get closed out in the next couple weeks – setting everything up for a new batch of Swing Trades.

The Pending Trades page was down to just 1 “potential swing trade” last week, but now the list is growing again. The market trades in cycles and our system is programmed to take advantage of that. When the market pulls back, stocks start setting up again and then on the next “upswing” in the market some of the Pending trades will Trigger-in.

Using a consistent strategy and a methodical, systematic approach is the key to successful swing trading.

That’s actually what our system is designed to do and I invite you to try it out and let our software do the heavy lifting for you. If you like what you see on the Closed Trades table above, click here to try our swing trading service and let the power of our systematic approach work for you.

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