Service Notes and Updates

4/22/16 New Strategy videos.

I posted two new strategy videos on the Help page. One is about looking at the market from today’s open – not yesterday’s close and the other is a lesson on pinpointing changes in stock trends.

I’ll be adding more strategy videos soon. The live shows are the best place to really dig into these strategies in more detail so be sure to tune in and ask questions.

2/16/16 New Email Alert System is fully functional.

I found the issue and fixed it over the weekend. Everyone should have received the XON trade alert. If you didn’t please email me.

I asked the members if they might be interested in text alerts and got just a couple people that liked the idea. Several members that said they don’t get texts. So I’m torn on it because it adds one more thing I have to “do on the fly”. I’m still considering adding them at some point. I would probably send the email alert first, then the text alert if I decide to incorporate them in the future. Please feel free to email me with your vote.

One of the pending projects now is creating Help videos and that’s in the works. I’ve been saying that for a while now but I got sidetracked having to move the entire site to the new (fast) server. That project created some issues that had to be resolved first (such as the email alerts).

Now that everything in the new system is up and running and the site is robust I can get working on the Help and Tutorial videos.

2/10/16 New Email Alert System.

Last Thursday I exported the member database into Aweber to use as the new service to send email alerts. I sent a “Pending Trade” email on 2/9/16 to everyone for DUST.


It came to my attention this morning that some members did not receive this email alert. Right after I sent the alert I added the trade to the Pending Trades page and then posted the chart here.

However it’s not acceptable that everyone didn’t get the email alert as soon as it was sent out so now I am going to have to find a new solution. In the past Aweber has been the most reliable service for delivering emails and I assumed it would be the perfect platform for delivering the Alerts.

Apparently not.

So today I will be looking at other options. When I figure out who I can use to deliver the email alerts I will test it and ask that you reply to the test email so I can make sure everyone received it.

I hope to have this working in the next couple days.


2/3/16 Thing’s I’m working on right now:

Monitoring the overall market to decide where the TNA stop needs to go – I’m thinking 40

Setting up the Member “Email Alerts” feature in Aweber and getting it tested – importing the current users

Deciding whether to ‘flip the switch’ and have the leveraged ETF’s show up in the Stock Picks list (vote y/n)

1/23/16 I got up at 7:00 Am today and decided to clone the new service at, which is on a different server than It only took about 12 hours of work and it’s 10x faster now.

The one thing that’s left to do is to “export” and then “import” all the member information to the new back-end. That’s a tricky endeavor as it’s the database of everyone’s log-in info and expiration dates.

Once I get this last piece of the puzzle in place then instead of logging in at you will be logging in at and you won’t believe how much faster the new site it. It’s a pleasure to click around in now.

All this technology stuff is tricky. Sometimes you don’t know how a server will handle a load until you deploy applications on it. Switching over will be seamless as soon as I crack this one last nut.

The very worst case scenario is that you will have to “reset your password” at some point. Since I had you create your own password I don’t know what it is. If I’m able to transfer over the part of the database that contains your password then you won’t have to do anything. If not it will be a minor 2-minute inconvenience – but well worth it when you see how fast the site is at .com

I will keep you posted on the progress and hopefully in the next few days we’ll make the switch over.

1/20/16 The new service has been live for 3 weeks now and the structure is essentially complete. There have been two times where the server was non-responsive in the past couple months and that’s unacceptable to me. My plan is to clone the site at a different host and this won’t be a problem again.

As we all know the markets have been awful for the first few weeks of 2016 so it’s been a good time to get everything set up in anticipation of a better swing trading environment. We might just be getting there as I write this.

I’ve been holding off building the Help videos until I’m certain the links and navigation on the site are final and I believe they are at this point. This doesn’t mean I can’t add new features or tweak things as we go and I will be doing some of that.

Now that the structure is in place I’ll tie up any loose ends. Remember, I created this new system from scratch over a 2-month period and I’m quite pleased with it. I sincerely appreciate your support and look forward to bringing you a TON of good charts, stocks and trading ideas as we go forward.

12/28/15 I’ve added The Grid page to the top nav labeled Stock Picks. The Focus List, Low Priced Stocks and Long Term Stocks are sub nav items. This way all the stock picks and additional stock ideas are all under the same navigation label.

The Stock Picks list works a bit different than the old Grid in that the picks stay on the page all day whether they are up or not. Also there is a Refresh button on the page so the list doesn’t change while you are looking at it.

Now that the structure of the new site is in place I can get back to creating Help videos to explain each section and how to use it.

If you haven’t created a bookmark or Desktop shortcut to the new login page yet now is a good time to do that. The login page for the new site is

Next week for the New Year I will be switching over to the new site here and phasing out the old one. My goal was to simplify and streamline everything and ditch some of the items in the old version no one was using. I wanted to make it easier for new Members to navigate and put the focus on the stocks and trade ideas and I think this new version is organized better.

12/2/15 I added the Low Priced stocks watchlist. I’ll also be adding a “Longer-Term Ideas” page – both available under the Focus List navigation menu.

I set the Live show pages to open in a new tab and removed the navigation to avoid accidentally leaving the show page.

I added a link on the “Resources” page (the small chart icon in the upper-right of the top nav) to the Wednesday night Market Toolbox show page.

I hope you like the new look and feel here. This new platform gives me a lot of flexibility for making changes and improvements. Please bear with me for the next couple weeks as I build out the sections and tweak things here and there.

11/30/15 – Welcome everyone. I set up a lot of existing members today and that’s going smoothly.

On the show today it came to my attention that I need to make the “Show Page” open in a new window so when you are watching the show and click to a different section the show stays open in a tab. I’ll have that fixed up shortly.

Several members liked the idea of adding a “Low Priced” stock watchlist. I think I will go for that. Someone also suggested a “longer-term” idea list and that’s a pretty good idea too. I can just create a drop-down menu for the Focus List page and add both of those. I think I’m going to go for that because both are excellent ideas.

JR mentioned that the live show doesn’t play on an Amazon tablet so I will be experimenting with broadcasting using YouTube Live. I have that built in already and will probably test it Friday or Monday. I’ll just switch out the player on the show page. So it will be interesting to see how that goes.

Keep the comments and suggestions coming and I’ll be working to improve and tweak things as we go.

11/29/15 – I’ve opened the doors on our new trading service and I want to welcome you aboard.

Over the next month I will be rolling out improvements and tweaks with the official launch scheduled for the first day of 2016.

All the trade ideas and charts and data is currently live and will be updated daily. The changes I’ll be working on during December are geared toward the structure of the service. For instance I’m creating an archive of the weekly Market Report.

I will also be recording and adding new strategy videos and additional help and training videos.

I’ll also be experimenting with broadcasting the Live show through YouTube at times and just generally nailing down a few loose ends – such as finalizing the Focus List section.

But rest assured my primary goal is to bring you a constant flow of good Swing Trades and constructive chart setups and that starts now.

I sincerely appreciate your support and I’m glad you’re here. My goal is to make this the best trading service available and I’ll be working on additions and improvements continually.

Please email me with any questions or comments –