Low Priced Stocks


Low Priced Stock Ideas

SymbolCompany NamePrice AddedDate Added
OVASOvaScience Inc.3.9211/22/16
CRKComstock Resources Inc.9.2211/21/16
GVGoldfield Corp.2.8910/16/16
SSprint Nextel Corp.7.0310/16/16

This a “stocks to watch” list of low-priced stocks over $2 and under $10.
You can enter a symbol in the chart above to see how it looks.
These aren’t recommendations but rather stocks that have some “action” at this time. By their nature lower priced stocks are very volatile and can move up and down significantly from day to day so they have to be traded based on the chart and what’s happening at the time.
The list is updated several times a week.

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