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Are you an active trader in the stock market looking for
a constant flow of good charts and stock ideas?

Have you tried chatrooms or trading services that make big promises but then under-deliver?

You’ve probably seen all these guys trying to sell expensive training courses or “secret indicators” but there’s so much of that junk out there you don’t really know if it will actually help you make money trading.

Take a few minutes to look over this site because I guarantee this trading service is what you’ve been looking for all this time.

Winning Swing Trades…

* Are you looking for short-term trading opportunities?

* Would you like to get trade alerts in your email a few times a week?

* Do you want a constant flow of good swing trading ideas?

* Are you tired of all the services with big promises that don’t deliver?

You Have Come To the Right Place

Let My Proven Trades Work for YOU and Start Winning

Get Technical Stock Chart Setups and Swing Trading Ideas…Every Day!

My name is William Mckinley and I am the President of Investing Systems, Inc. I specialize in swing trading stocks and technical chart setups. We have been in business since 1998.

I’ve studied technical analysis and charting for over 15 years and spend every day analyzing the market and stocks. I provide a constant feed of charts and trading ideas in my trading service.

A constant flow of chart setups…

First and foremost you will get actionable, high-probability swing trading setups based on technical analysis and chart patterns. I’ll send you an email alert for each new “Pending Trade” with all the details and a link to the chart showing the technical setup.

I specialize in chart patterns and stock scanning. I consider myself to be a “chart artist” and if you join my service I guarantee I will put you on some great trades.

If you are a short-term trader, I will save you time and make you money by giving you excellent trading ideas. This is my specialty.

I invite you to try my high-end trading service right now. You won’t find a better flow of swing trading setups anywhere. I mark up stock charts like no one else you’ve ever seen – with all the details of the trade.

I know what chart patterns work and how to find stocks that are set up perfectly for a trade. I’ve been actively trading stocks for over a decade and I can show you everything I know. Try it for a month and I guarantee you will love the service.

Specializing in Swing Trade Setups

If you are looking for actionable, high-probability swing trades based on technical analysis, you’ve come to the right place. The swing trades I’ll bring you will pay for the service many times over.

I give you fully laid-out Swing Trades with EXACT entry, stop, and targets.

Each setup is posted on an individual page and an email alert is sent out with all the details of the trade and a link to the chart. Every aspect of the trade is planned and plotted in advance on the chart.

The Swing Trade setups and alerts I provide are the Number One reason most traders join this service. Your membership will pay for itself.

I look through hundreds of charts all day – and run dozens of scans. Every day I know exactly what stocks and sectors are moving and what is going on under the surface of the market.

I provide email alerts for Trade Setups that will show up in your inbox or on your phone with all the details of the trade and a link to the chart. These are actionable, high-probability Swing Trades that will make you money.

I also give you a daily stream of actionable trade setups marked up on the charts – in a "chart feed" that updates in real-time as I post new ideas.

The Members section is simple yet elegant – perfectly organized and easy to follow. I have been providing trade ideas to a small group of traders for 8 years now. Consider this your invitation to join our group.


Take a look at exactly how our swing trading service works…

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