Identifying The Price Volume Crescendo Pattern

Here’s a great little tactic that you can put in your toolkit of trading knowledge to help you with exits. This isn’t built into our system in exactly the same manner although it’s similar to the system generated Parabolic Stop which you will see kick-in under similar circumstances. The Price …

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Anatomy of a Swing Trade – The 6 Basic Elements

Basic Concepts Swing Trading refers to buying a stock and holding that position for a several day to several week period in order to capture short term gains by taking advantage of the cyclical nature of stock price movement. A Swing Trade Is Composed Of 6 Basic Elements The Anatomy …

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Why A Daily Close Over The Trigger Price Confirms An Entry

One important thing to remember is that a stock on the Pending Trades table doesn’t officially trigger until we see a daily close over the Trigger Price. Sometimes this might seem counter-intuitive since it’s common to associate the word “Trigger” with the exact price you want to buy a stock. …

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